Friday, March 1, 2013

Winter break fun Part 1

Here in NH, they have a winter break for a week in Feb.  We didn't take off the whole week, but we did Thursday and Friday.  On Thursday, a few friends got together and went to a place called Cowabunga's.  It's a place that has the inflatables and other fun things to do.  It was SUPER crowded since school was out, but we had a really great time.  After playing for 2 hours, we went to lunch at Subway and took up most of the tables!  It was a great day with great friends.

Sevastin and Craig shooting at everyone

Abby trying to get in on the action

This was a big connect 4

Waiting in line to slide

Blurry, but she liked it, as long as she was in one of our laps

Craig and Sean getting ready to race on the obstacle course

Too funny

Craig and I raced on that too, and of course he beat me, but I had an awesome finish.  I did a back flip right off that slide onto the floor, and not on purpose.  It didn't hurt though, thank goodness.

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