Monday, March 11, 2013

Hair cuts

Craig, Abby, and Anna Claire had hair cuts the other day and our new hair dresser fixed Abby's hair sooooo cute after cutting it.  Craig's sister, Rikki, always cut our hair back home, but we have found another excellent hair stylist here thanks to a friend recommending her.  We love her already, she is great.

She called this a sunburst braid.  It was so pretty!

It went all the way around her head.  She loved it of course.

She let the girls help wash Daddy's hair!  What fun:)

This little stinker gave her a run for her money!  Jenn did a great job on her hair too.

Kyndal didn't get hers cut this time, but Jenn did braid it for her.  Very pretty

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eronmiller said...

I love the braids they look so pretty!!!