Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hold your own sippy cup PLEASE!!

My precious, cute as a button, easy going, happy, loving, wonderful, 14 month old baby girl will NOT hold her own sippy cup while drinking.  What I mean by while drinking is, she will hold the cup, even put it into her mouth, but will not drink it.  Once I put my hands on it to hold in her mouth she lets go and plays with her head.  She has done this (play with her head or ears while I feed her) for as long as I can remember.  Is it bad that this drives me a little crazy????

She is doing pretty good eating.  She doesn't always like things on the first try, but does better on the second try.  She will not feed herself.  She doesn't put things in her mouth.  Kyndal didn't either until about 2 years old.  This doesn't bother me much, b/c it means she doesn't put nasty stuff off of the floor (not that my floors are nasty, although sometimes they may be) or toys in her mouth.  She also will only eat from her baby spoons.  Can we say picky baby???!!!???

Some may say well just don't hold the cup for her, eventually she will drink.  Tried this, the child will go hungry and that's the honest truth. 

We went to the Gospel Sing last Friday night, it was a benefit for a man who has cancer.  It was a nice time, the girls did really good for about an hour and a half.  They were tired, so we left.

Craig and the girls had a great time canoeing Saturday.  The girls came home and told me all about it.  They told me their daddy fell getting in the boat or something like that and they just thought it was hilarious.  I love sitting at the dinner table listening to stories and we can just laugh and have fun together.  Special times.  I however didn't do much of anything that day.  I did wash, dry, fold, and put away clothes and of course take care of AC, but not much of anything else.  And it was nice!!!

I finally got my teacher books in today.  YEAH!!!!  We are only into our second week and it's going well and I know we have a long way to go, but I really think this is great for our family and I'm truly thankful for the opportunity and ability to do it.  I'm sure there will be days I will want to put them in school, as I've heard all home school moms say, but you take the bad (or hard) with the good, right?  RIGHT!!!

There are times when I get frustrated or lose my patience with my kids and it usually makes me think about the families who are dealing with the loss of a child, or a very sick child, or one of the parents are dealing with illness and it makes me feel awful.  I know I will still get frustrated and lose my patience, but I want to take a deep breath before I let any of that show and think real hard before I speak.  I'm very thankful and blessed that the Lord has chosen me to be His daughter, a wife to Craig, and the mother of Abby, Kyndal, and Anna Claire.  I know I don't always show this, but I definitely want to be better at it. 

Please continue to remember Kristi and her family (last blog post) in your prayers.  The latest I've heard, she also broke a rib.  She had a PET scan yesterday and her first radiation treatment.  She was scheduled to have her first chemo treatment today.  I haven't heard an update today.  After her radiation treatments, she has to be away from her daughters for 24 hours.  I know this is sooo hard on all of the family, so please lift them up to the Lord. 

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Tiffany said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I appreciate the prayers and well wishes! Your girls are adorable. And Sawyer used to do the same thing with his sippy cup -- she'll get the hang of it eventually!