Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Visitors

Mom and GiGi came for the weekend and we really enjoyed their visit.  They got here late Friday afternoon and we just hung out that evening.  Kyndal sat by the window eagerly awaiting their arrival, and when they were 2 minutes past the time they said they would be here, she was ready to call them!!!

Saturday, the big girls had soccer clinic to see if they wanted to sign up to play.  Well, they don't!  It was at least 100 degrees at 8 in the morning and their poor heads were soaking wet.  I explained it wouldn't always be this hot, but they didn't want to play so we are not doing soccer.  However I did sign them up for gymnastics today.  They start 2 weeks from tomorrow and they are SUPER excited.  So after AC's nap, we went to lunch at Legends and then for ice cream at The Factory.  Of course we had to go swimming because it was soooo hot and there's not much else to do in Eufaula.  I cooked dinner and we just hung out and played the rest of the evening.

Sunday, we had lunch after church and then Abby and Kyndal had to go on one last ride in the convertible with Grandmother before they had to leave to go home.  We really loved having them here and look forward to the next family visit. 

Back to school today.  Day one of our third week is done!!!

Lunch at Legends

Ice cream at The Factory (Anna Claire was not thrilled about me walking away from the table)!!

Grandmother told her to bite a hole in the bottom of her cone and suck it out, so she did!

Is that good GiGi?????

Thanks for sharing GiGi, this is YUMMY stuff!

No chance of everyone looking at the camera all at once!

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