Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Happenings

The weather was kinda nice here over the weekend.  The girls actually played outside for a while on Friday after school.  Of course in the water, but still they were outside!

A friend called on Sat. and asked us to meet them at the pool so I took Abby and Kyndal to swim for a couple of hours while Craig stayed home with Anna Claire.  We all had a good time.  Then Craig went and played some golf with a friend while I cooked dinner.  After the girls and I ate, we met Craig at the tennis courts at Lakepoint.  We played some tennis for about an hour, which was lots of fun.  We use to play alot before we had Abby.  We started playing again before Anna Claire, but once I got pregnant with her, we have not played again until Sat. night.  As I've said before, I am out of shape, but that is some GOOD exercise and lots of fun.  I was sore yesterday.  I have been going to Curves at least 3 to 4 days a week and ride my bike some, but it's amazing how different things work out different muscle groups.  I love to be sore though because I feel like I've accomplished something (I know weird, right)?!?!

We had the usual Sunday of church, lunch, nap for AC, lesson plans for me, playing for A & K, and study for Craig.  Back to choir and church, dinner, bed for kids, and quiet time for mommy and daddy.  Always a good day!!!

I have to brag on Kyndal.  Teaching a kid to read really is not the easiest thing to do.  When we first started 4 weeks ago, it made me glad that Abby was taught at school.  I was even thinking at times, can I do this.  Knowing that she has to know how to read by the end of the school year weighs on my shoulders, felt like alot of pressure.  However, as mentioned above, 4 weeks into it, she is doing SOOOO good and I am SOOOO proud of her.  She really tries very hard and actually asks through the day to work on phonics more.  When she thinks it's too hard, I just push a little more and it excites her so much when she says the words right.  We are getting into the 4 letter words now.  She has done great with all the 3 letter words.  We work on phonics at least 45 minutes to an hour a day, at two different times though.

Saturday, I was in the classroom and all 3 girls were in their room playing.  I heard Anna Claire start crying and as I was getting up to go see what happened, Kyndal came running to me and said I was on the top bunk and AC just fell down.  My heart STOPPED beating.  I thought she meant AC was on the top bunk with her and fell (not enough time to think how would they get her up there or would they really even do that).  I ran faster than I think I ever have.  She was on the floor right there in front of those diapers and I said where did she fall from.  Kyndal said she was sitting on that box of diapers.  WOW, my heart started beating again!!!!  I was shaking for the next 30 minutes.  Kyndal was just making sure she was covering her behind on that she was no where near AC when she hurt herself (b/c she is usually the reason she hurts herself)  Kyndal is always pulling on her or trying to pick her up or something (there is probably only 10 lbs difference betweeen them).  Kyndal is getting better about leaving her alone.  AC did fall off the step Friday night too, so she bumped her head twice in the same place (OUCH)!

Abby and Daddy playing with the camera!

Abby said take my picture by myself, however Anna Claire wouldn't let go of her!

Playing on the top bunk last night before bed (with our supervision)
Love these girls!!!

So proud!

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