Friday, August 5, 2011

Our Week

School has gone well this week.  We have 34 weeks of school left!!!!!!!  The first couple of days were semi hard, but by the end of the week much more relaxing (for me anyways).  I was advised not buy the teacher's books because they are a waste of money.  However with it being my first year, that was a big mistake and not good advice in my opinion.  So after the first day of school, I went and ordered all of the teachers books, so I'm hoping they will be here today.  The girls really enjoy it so far.  They will each be taking a co-op classes starting at the end of the month.  Abby's is on science and Kyndal's is on Seasons.  They are doing these classes through TEACH, which is the support group we are a part of here in town.

Anna Claire just plays or sits at the step and watches while we do school.  She takes a nap about 9:45 and gets up at lunch, so she is really just entertaining herself for about 2 hours (an hour before lunch and an hour after lunch).  Of course I do tend to her during those times.  Once she learns how to get down that step, it will be a whole different ballgame!!!!

Anna Claire is eating from the table now.  She is not a huge fan of all the different things we have tried so far, but hopefully she will start getting use to it quickly.  I went in to get her from her nap yesterday and she had 2 surprises for me.  One that smelled!!!  And the other, she took down her mobile+.  I guess I should have already done that when she started standing, but she did it for me!  She stands all the time now and is cruising the furniture (and grabs EVERYTHING within her grasp)!  She is a cutie!

We are going to a singing tonight, so that should be nice.  Tomorrow Craig and the big girls are going canoeing with people from the church.  It's somewhere in Florida, it's about an hour and a half drive one way.  Anna Claire and I are staying home.  I hope to not do much at all.  I thought keeping up with three girls all day was tiring, well add on their education to that load too, and it can get quite exhausting!!!  I wouldn't have it any other way.

Craig teaches the girls Bible and PE about 3 days a week, so this week they learned about canoeing since they are going tomorrow.

I started going to Curves yesterday.  It's just soooooo HOT to be riding the bike outside right now, I will have to wait till it cools down some.  I hope to go to Curves at least 4 days a week, possibly 5.

Doing an art project on Wednesday!  We stayed in our PJ's that day because we were going swimming for PE.

We start off with pledges to the US Flag and the Bible, then sing, then pray.  This was our song this morning, and you can see little bit praising Jesus with us over there on the step.  She just sways back and forth!

She's peeking in on us!  She likes to drop toys off  the step too!

They put her in their shopping cart!!!  She seemed to enjoy it.

Look how big I'm getting.

This was Wednesday night on the way to church.  When they came out, I was like girls it's 100 degrees outside, ya'll are going to burn up in those boots.  They said yea we are taking them off in church.  I said Uh, no your not.  Abby said oh, well I want to go change then.  I said you don't have time to change.  That's the reason for the disturbed look on her face.  After church, they said man, my feet are sweating, and I said yep I bet they are!!!!!

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