Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trip to New Orleans

Craig had to go to NOBTS last Wednesday for orientation on Thursday and Friday.  So Tuesday evening he said why don't you and the girls go with me.  I said, well ok, we will!  We left Wednesday morning and had to have my car serviced and then we were well on our way to New Orleans.  It's about a 6 hour trip from here to there without stopping, but between doing my car, eating lunch, and at least 3 potty breaks (2 little girls who have to go too much), it took us 8 hours.  We had a good time being together though.  Anna Claire doesn't sleep well in the car, so between waking up that morning and going to bed that evening at about 9 pm (her bedtime is 8 pm), she had a 45 minute nap and not all at one time.  She did really well though, except for she started having a runny nose, and still does, and so do Abby and Kyndal!!!  We went to the French Quarter and had dinner and walked around a bit that evening. 

Thursday, Craig had to be at the school by 8 am, and I took the girls to a Children's Museum for the day and to lunch.  We then took naps (imagine that in a one room hotel with a baby).  So all 3 girls fell asleep and after about on hour the hotel keeper starts banging on the door to give more towels and wash cloths.  So needless to say, nap time was OVER.  We left, got a snack, and went to wait on daddy to be done.  We went back to the French Quarter for dinner again and some riding around the town.  It's a very neat historical place and we were able to teach the girls lots about the city, but it's VERY crowded and not very clean. 

Craig was suppose to have class again Friday from 8-12, but they let him finish everything on Thursday, because on the way to New Orleans on Wednesday, we got a call from a church member from Ruffner Valley (our first church to pastor) whose grandmother (who was also a member of RVBC) had passed away and they wanted Craig to do the funeral.  The viewing was Friday evening and the funeral was Sat. in B'ham.  So we got to leave at 8 Friday morning to head to B'ham.  We got to B'ham about 5 pm, because we stopped in Tuscaloosa and ate lunch and did a little shopping.  We had dinner at my moms and then we went to Yogurt Mountain with a few family members. 

Marley spent the night at moms too, which the girls loved.  Saturday morning, after breakfast they went for a ride in moms convertible (they always want to do that) and then played in the sprinkler in their PJs.  We then got ready for the funeral and after the funeral headed back home.

It was lots of fun to travel for the few days.  It was great fun being together as a family.  And it was all very exhausting, the driving, the not sleeping well in other beds, and just a busy trip in general.  It was good though and we made lots of good memories.

Dinner on Wednesday night

In front of a statue in the French Quarter

The Little Winn Dixie at the Museum.  It was really cool and the girls LOVED it.

The Cafe in the Museum, they had a BIG time in there too!

This was the lunch they served me!!  They must have thought I was super thirsty and hungry, huh?!?!

The eye doctors office in the Museum!

This was a room full of bubbles!

Dinner at Bubba Gumps

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eronmiller said...

Oh my word I would so love to go play at that Museum!! It looked like a lot of fun and I know the girls enjoyed it. I'm so glad I got to see y'all a little bit while you were passing through. Miss and love y'all :)