Friday, August 12, 2011

Not too much happening!

Well we have 2 weeks down in our home school record thus far!  It is still going well for us all.  Anna Claire has discovered how to get into the classroom, so today I had to pull out the pack-n-play, because she always climbs on their desk and messes with their work.  However even in the pack-n-play, she's not very content for too long.  We will work it all out some way or another. 

We rented Soul Surfer this week, which is such a good movie.  The girls wanted to watch it twice, so they did.

Abby and Kyndal always sleep with about 5 or 6 different pillows.  Their regular pillows and a bunch of pillow pets and even some stuffed animals.  Here is a pic of Kyndal with all of her "stuffies".

One day during school this week, Anna Claire sat at the step and played with something the girls had made at story time and picked off every little piece of paper and threw it in the floor.  Oh and this was the day after I deep cleaned the whole house!

Abby and Kyndal also love to go to the ICarly and Disney websites and play games, watch videos, and leave comments.  They are so funny about this, but they enjoy it!

Yesterday afternoon I went into their bedroom to get Anna Claire up from her nap and I knew she had used the bathroom.  When I walked over to her bed she had something brown in her hand and I said oh my goodness what have you done.  I turned on the light and walked back over to her bed and she was playing with 5 pennies.  I called A and K in the room and said which one of ya'll put these pennies in her bed.  They both looked at me like I was crazy and said, I didn't!!  I said so did they fall from the sky.  They said, I don't know but we didn't do it.  So I start really scoping out the situation and the closet door when opened meets up to AC's bed.  The door was open and Abby leaves a thing she made at church hanging on the door that she puts change in and takes back to Sunday School every Sunday.  Then it clicked, AC got the pennies out herself.  Oh my, I really hope she didn't decide to eat any of them.  She doesn't usually put things in her mouth so hopefully we are good.  By the way I did go back and apologize to A & K for assuming they put the pennies in her bed.

I went to Ladies Praise Night last night at Parkview with several of the ladies from our church and we had lots of fun.

My mom and GiGi are on their way to our house as I type, so we are looking forward to this weekend visit.  The girls are so excited, they have already called grandmother twice asking where she wants to sleep and letting her know they have all the arrangements figured out.  And of course they keep a close eye on the clock because mom said they would be here by 4!!!  A & K have soccer clinic in the morning and when they are done we will be going swimming.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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eronmiller said...

AC is a little stinker, I can't believe she got a hold of the pennies and I'm sure she was all smiles!! she looks cute in her little ruffled outfit. I love all the pictures of the girls, Kyndal looks so sweet sleeping with all her stuffed animals and Abby looks so grown holding AC on her hip. I love them and miss y'all so much. So glad School is going good I've always thought you were "super mom" and truly look up to you, love you!!