Monday, December 3, 2012

An afternoon out...

as a family is so much fun.  I had to run an errand in Nashua the other day, so we went as a family and decided to go to Chick-fil-A at the mall.  That's the nearest one to us, which is about 25 minutes away.  The girls who checked us out was so fascinated by our southern accents, it was hilarious.

After lunch, we roamed the mall for a little while.  Couldn't really do much shopping with 3 little ones, but we had fun.

On Friday, I got the day off to do our Christmas shopping while substitute Daddy taught school.  I had a really great day out and got everything on my list.  Ate a great lunch at Panera Bread (b/c no one else here likes it) in quietness.  It was freezing cold, but it was a good day!

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Tesha said...

Friday sounds like a dream day and you got everything on your list....AMAZING:)