Sunday, December 30, 2012

BIG to us

It started snowing about 10 pm on Wednesday night and didn't stop until about 2 pm Thursday.  It was snowing hard too.  We got at least 8 inches.  It was so pretty.  We went out and played in it Thursday morning for about an hour.  Anna Claire cried to go outside, and once we got out there she cried to come back in.  Little stinker, I tell you.  Folks around here still say this is nothing, but it's a LOT to us!

Anna Claire's first slide.  She wasn't thrilled!

I had lots of fun!!!!

Craig kept AC calm while I played!


Angie Vik said...

Yay for snow and sleds and little kids to play with. Looks like you're having fun. We just bought one of those saucer sleds this week. Now we need to go and actually use them.

Lindsey said...

Gorgeous pictures with the snow! I'm a little jealous. :) We haven't seen any snow so far. Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun with it even if Anna cried. Ha!

Roan said...

That is a lot of snow! We barely get a dusting around here....and if it does snow 2 inches or more, the entire county shuts down! The last time we got a big snow (2 years ago) we were at Disney World and missed it all!