Saturday, December 8, 2012

What a week

Everyone was good on Sunday.  We had a good day at church.  It was a long day, with choir practice, and outreach, but it was good.

Monday was a different story.  Abby woke up feeling very bad and got sick to her stomach, and felt bad all day.  Tuesday I woke up feeling bad, got sick to my stomach and felt bad all day.  Wednesday, Anna Claire woke up, got sick to her stomach and felt bad all day.  Craig didn't feel so well either.  Kyndal never got sick and I'm still hoping she doesn't catch anything. 

Wednesday night was really bad.  Me, Abby, and AC all had pretty high fevers and felt terrible.  Craig and Kyndal went to church and when they got home Craig was a huge help.  During the day those 2 days, Kyndal was such a great helper.  I was so thankful for both of their help, because I was feeling a bit helpless.

Thursday, AC was back to normal.  Abby and I had runny noses and headaches, but were feeling much better.  Hopefully all is getting back to normal again.  We have some fun weekend activities planned.


Julie Loftin said...

Yay! The blog is fixed! =) Glad you guys are feeling much better!

Tesha said...

Oh no I am so sorry. That last picture is a heart beaker. Poor little babydoll. Saying a prayer everyone is back to normal soon.