Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day

The girls woke up about 6:45 and Dad read the story of Jesus' birth to us and then we opened presents.  Some family sent money for me to shop for the girls, so they had lots to open from us and everyone else too.  We went to some friends house for lunch, and had an absolute wonderful time.  We are very blessed by lots of great people here.  It was a blessed Christmas Day, and we are truly thankful!

She saw that big Minnie Mouse one day and wanted it, so I went back and got it.  She was so excited when she saw it.  When she picked it up, she said "heaby" (heavy).  It's bigger than her.

We got just a little bit of snow!
What a great Daddy, he blew that whole thing up by mouth, with a cold I might add.

Sean was rocking Kyndal's bear while she played the wii, and she thought it was so funny, she had to take a picture!!!

Poor girl, was soooo exhausted!

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