Friday, July 22, 2011

The 3 F's

Food, Fun, and Fellowship!!!  We had some friends over last night, John, Nina, and Lexie.  We had a good dinner, good conversation, and some good fun!  The girls of course just play the whole time, but once Anna Claire went to bed they wanted to play the Wii.  They wanted to play Just Dance, and they danced the night away.  Nina and I gave it a try which I'm sure was quite a sight.  Then John and Craig did a song which was just hilarious.  I got it on video but have no idea how to put that on here, but I did get a few pics!!!

This is how the girls entertained themselves while I cooked dinner!  Anna Claire got the best end of this deal and actually Kyndal did too.  Abby did most of the pushing!!!

Craig took half a day off today and we took a family road trip to Opelika, so that was a nice time too!

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