Friday, July 15, 2011

Cousin Fun

Saturday, Aunt Rikki and cousin Ella came for a visit.  That afternoon we went for a cookout/swimming fellowship time at the William's house.  The girls had a great time exhausting themselves swimming and jumping off the diving board.  The adults enjoyed by watching, eating, and talking.  Sunday, we went to church, and after lunch Aunt Rikki took the girls to get a shaved ice.  After church that evening, we had pizza and the girls were tired after playing the day away between church.  Monday we went swimming for a couple of hours before Aunt Rikki and Ella had to head back to B'ham.  We really enjoyed their visit alot, all the girls had so much fun together.

Kyndal jumping!

Marley jumping!

Ella jumping!

Abby jumping!

Sweet girls

Thank you to Miss. Haley for entertaining Anna Claire most the evening!

Hilarious!!!  I went to check on them during the night and Marley was inches from falling off of the bed, so I had to move her to another bed!

Cuties ready for church!

Enjoying shaved ice and some cartoons!

This baby was tired, but as always a good trooper!

Ella was a little sad about leaving the cousin fun, she will have to come back real soon!

After Rikki and Ella left, the girls took a good nap and after that we went to the park to play for a good 20 minutes before it began to rain.  When I told them we had to go, Marley said why are we leaving already we just got here!!!


Tuesday, we met Aunt Eron in Opelika at BWW so she could get Marley.  We went to Hobby Lobby and then to Yogurt Mountain. 

Love, Love, Love these 3 girls so much!

Okay, this is totally random to this post, but I got me a bike Wednesday so I can start riding on the trail and hopefully ride off some of these unwanted lbs!!!!  We shall see how well it works!?!?

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