Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Little happenings

Not too much going on around here besides lots of swimming.  Abby and Kyndal want to go swimming everyday!!!!  I'm thankful to have a place to take them, but I'm a little tired of swimming already (just being honest)!  Only because I'm afraid Anna Claire will get burned or too hot, and Kyndal just learned how to swim, so she never wants to wear floaties and she always wants to jump off of the diving board, and having to keep my hands on Anna Claire too, just becomes a real work out. 

Aunt Rikki has been here for a visit since Sat. so that has been fun. 

Aunt Eron and Marley are planning to come tomorrow to visit for a few days, so that will be fun too.

Then we are starting school on Monday!!!!  I'm very excited and a bit overwhelmed/intimidated, but hopefully it will go better than good.

Anna Claire has been pulling up some, so maybe she will be walking before too long.

Rikki bought Anna Claire a couple of new outfits and was playing dress up with her while Abby was the photographer!!!

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