Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Classroom

We are all ready to go for school on Monday (or at least I hope we are)!!!  The public schools here start on Thursday, but we are going to start on Monday and give ourselves an extra 3 days out during the year.

Obviously this is new for us and we are excited about it.  A little nervous, but excited.  I'm sure I will learn as much, if not more throughout the year than the girls!!!

We have a back to school swim party on Tuesday evening with the support group here in town that has about 100 families in it.  We also have a back to school gathering with our school covering near the end of the month that has about 75 families.  I'm looking forward to getting to know people I haven't met in this community and my girls to make even more friends.

Here are a few pics of our classroom.  This house is small but we make it work for us and we are appreciative for it.  The girls desks are small and they have had them for a couple of years and I have found real school desk on the Internet but wanted to wait until next year before purchasing them to make sure this all goes well for us.  I do anticipate it going well, however you never know about anything, right?!?!  Except that God is always in control (just they way I need it).

Bulletin board for the girls art work and such.  White board for doing work.  American Flags.

Map of the World and the United States.  Their desks.  All of their books and extra things.

Teacher's desk (mine).hehe  My storage with teachers books and extra things.

Oh, and just pure cuteness who will be all up in the middle of home school............

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