Saturday, July 30, 2011

Look who's

STANDING all the time now!!!  Yeah for another new milestone!

So now that she can stand, she likes to climb on things and sit down!  I've got a feeling this will eventually lead to some bumps on the head and such.

Yesterday, we went to the Library for storytime and checked out some books for the week.  We went to Eron's favorite place here in town for lunch, Blue Moon Cafe, where the girls hate to eat and they have no high chairs (meaning they probably don't like a bunch of little kids in there).  We went to McDonald's first to get the girls their food and then Anna Claire got to sit in my lap (grabbing my plate the whole time) while I ate.  Abby, Kyndal, and Marley of course finished eating way before us so they played at the table (and around the table) while we ate.  I'm sure folks were glad to see us goooooo!!!  We then went swimming and wore the girls out (and me)!!!  I cooked dinner after giving all 4 girls a bath and then helped Eron make a dress.  I was pooped, but of course Eron helps all the while with different things.  Good memories were made and fun was had.

This morning as Eron got ready to go, the big girls put on a concert for Anna Claire (which she LOVED)!  We had a really good time together!

Playing on Aunt Eron's phone!

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eronmiller said...

I'm glad to know everyone shares the same love with Blue Moon as I do!!! I'll be sure to get a to go order on my way in the next time, it will be MUCH better than what I got on my way in this time :((((((( We had a great time thanks for having us!!!