Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birmingham Trip (Part 2)

So Wednesday we had planned on taking the big girls to Spring Valley Beach for the day while Eron kept Anna Claire.  It had already rained both days we were there and the weather man said it was going to on Wednesday at about 1:00pm.  When we woke up that morning it was cloudy too.  So we went with plan B which was take them to the Galleria to ride the Carousel and they have a little train that rides you around too.  Then we took them to Ijump for a couple of hours.  That evening, Craig and Jason went to church while I watched Eron cook dinner (oh how nice) and then we ate a very good dinner (did I mention cooked by Eron)hehe!  The girls just played and then went to bed at a decent time, because they were so tired.

I got to ride the train with them!!!

Gotta love Marley's cool look of socks with her flip flops!!!  That is Eron made over!

Oh, and Wednesday ended up being the ONLY day it didn't rain on our week long trip!  Go figure!!!  We still had a good time, and the girls enjoyed it!

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eronmiller said...

Ummmm you act like me cooking is a big shock, I'm the next Paula Dean sister!!! Oh and yes I'm loving my little minnie me in her socks and flips, priceless!!!! Great post as usual :)