Monday, July 18, 2011

Girls Weekend

Friday me, Abby, and Kyndal took a trip back to B'ham for the weekend for Justin's birthday party.  We left after I laid Anna Claire down for her nap.  Her and Craig were staying in Eufaula.  We missed them alot, and I think they missed us too.  We did have a good time though.  We met Eron and Marley Friday afternoon at the Splash Pad and the girls had a good time, then we went to Yogurt Mountain, which is always really good.  We then went to Eron's house where she made us dinner and then I went and stayed at moms while the girls stayed at Aunt Eron's house.  Saturday my mom and I went to Hobby Lobby and got us some breakfast and then we all headed out to Justin's 10th birthday party.  They swam and ate lunch, and had cake.  All the kids had a good time and of course it's always nice to see family.  Saturday night I went with Eron to a wedding of a girl from high school, so that was fun.  Mom and Steve kept the girls who played in the rain, had a bubble bath, and ate cookies and ice cream.  I know they had fun and they were EXHAUSTED after that long day.  Abby and Kyndal went back to Aunt Eron's to stay while I stayed at moms.  I have to admit, it was nice to have some quiet time.  Sunday we went to church with Eron and then to lunch at Chuy's at the Summit with Eron, Marley, GiGi, and Rikki.  That was also really nice.  After a stop at Wal-Mart, we were on our way back home.  The girls did not nap at all on the trip home and when we got here, I gave them a bath and I headed right back out the door for choir practice.  During church, the girls told me they were soooo tired at least 10 times.  After supper and a Bible story, they went to bed and didn't get up until 8:30 this morning.

Anna Claire was asleep when we got home so I didn't see her until they came to church, her reaction was soooo sweet.  We did have a really good time, but I am ready to get back to normal after traveling so much the past two weeks.

We went and bought school supplies today and are getting our classroom in order and all ready for school to start in 2 weeks.

Very thankful for a wonderful hubby who is also an awesome daddy who stayed behind for the weekend and took Great care of our 13 month old.  I know they had a great time together.

Prayer Request:  I have been having some chest and back pain randomly for about 3-4 months.  However, recently I'm having it more often and it is very uncomfortable, so I went to the Dr. today.  He did blood work and I'm having an ultrasound in the morning and going back to the Dr. on Wed. for hopefully an answer.  He thinks it's an ulcer, pancreas, or gallbladder.  He said they were all easy fixes so that is good.  Just pray we find out what is it, and that it gets corrected soon please and thank you!

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