Sunday, August 19, 2012

Around here

After we went to the park on Sunday, the big girls kept talking about going swimming in the pond.  So on Monday, they had convinced themselves that when Daddy got home, he would take them.  Lots of people go there to swim in the summer, they even have a lifeguard.  Well, when Daddy got home, he did take them and the docks had been removed and the lifeguard told them they start removing it all about now every year in getting prepared for school and fall time.  The girls had lots of fun swimming for an hour or so.  I didn't go so I only have a picture of them before they left and when they came back.

 Before they left!  AC just wanted in the pic, she stayed here with me to cook!

When they got back, Abby said "we smell like fish"!!

The next day Kyndal got up feeling under the weather, but she was okay the next day.  Wednesday night Abby started feeling bad.  She actually had fever for 2 days, headache, and stomach ache.  She started to feel better yesterday, but much better today.

Something I want to remember:  Kyndal wants to eat breakfast right when she wakes up in the mornings and she will ask 3,821 times until you fix something.  Yesterday morning she got up and said she was ready to eat and I told her I would fix something in a bit, because it was still so early.  She said well I have a bad taste in my mouth, can I have a cracker.  I said sure.  She came back and said that was one spicy cracker.  Silly girl, it was only a Townhouse cracker.

We went to Old Home Day yesterday in Londonderry, I will do a post of it tomorrow.

We went to a new park today where they have a little splash pad.  The girls enjoyed it, but it's getting a little on the cool side around here now.  I will do pics of it another day.

People like to shoot fireworks here all year round, kinda weird!

She and Abby were fighting over this basket the other day!!!

Chilling on the back deck!  The weather is so nice this time of year!  They all had their nails and toes painted, except for AC's thumb that she sucks!

I thought this was so sweet of her holding on to her bear, which she calls baby.

Anna Claire LOVES to play on the steps in this house.  She goes up and down constantly.  Praying for no falls ever.  She does well for the most part.

Prayer Request:  A sweet family that we ministered with at Clearview adopted a little boy and little girl from China a few weeks ago, and the little girl got sick yesterday and they took her to the ER.  She went to be with Jesus last night or early this morning.  Please be in prayer for this precious family, the Jones'.  Thank you!


Tesha said...

Oh No praying for the Jones family. Love the pictures of your sweet girls and I will hug mine a little tighter tonight as I pray for your friends.

eronmiller said...

AC is wearing two different flips in the fist pic, she has such a shoe fettish to "hate" shoes and the pic of her asleep is too sweet. Glad the big girls had fun swimming they are getting so big, I sure do miss them!
Been praying for the Jones family so very sad for there loss :(