Monday, August 20, 2012

Special Package

This past Thursday the girls got a special package in the mail.  Some fun things to do and play with from their Grandmother, Great Gran and Pa, and Aunt Eron.  They were thrilled when they heard the doorbell ring, knowing it was their package arriving.  They couldn't get into it fast enough.  Thank ya'll SO much, it made their day.  Anna Claire was taking a nap at the time, but when she woke up she was excited to find some goodies for her too.  She loves the teapot set!!!

Sunflowers that dance in the sun.  The girls open these blinds every morning!!

Water balloons

That afternoon we were going to the Library to check out some books, and Kyndal said I will put Anna Claire's socks and shoes on.  I walked in the room when she was done to find this...

Kyndal LOVES some colored socks with everything.  I did change AC's socks by the way!!!

Thank you again for the special package for the girls and for Craig and I (Great Gran and Pa)!  Ya'll are too sweet!

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eronmiller said...

So glad they are enjoying there goodies I miss y'all so much :(