Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekend Recap

Saturday morning we went to Craig's office to do a few things.  He has a window in his office that looks out into the hallway.  The girls like to pretend like they are ordering things and shopping through that window.  It's quite funny!

Then we made a trip to Sam's and to lunch.  Someone had recommended going to a place called Puritan Backroom, so we did.  They did suggest getting the chicken fingers, which we did not.  It was good, but I won't order the same thing next time! 

Then we headed to the mall to look around!  I really want  a new camera so I was getting some ideas!  We went to Build A Bear and let AC make a bear since she doesn't have one.  Abby and Kyndal helped her pick out a bear and a shirt.

It was the Bear's birthday so they had party hats for everyone.  Isn't she so cute????

Yes her shoes are too big, but she Loves them and always wants to wear them, so I let her.  And she actually keeps those on her feet unlike all other shoes I put on her.

She calls the bear baby and it does sleep with her!

Nothing like a little night frisbee

She enjoyed a blue sucker!

Played Hannah Montana on the Wii

Looked adorable!

Went to church

We mostly just relaxed after church on Sunday.  Craig had a meeting, but that was it!  It was a good weekend!

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eronmiller said...

They are such beautiful girls I love all the pictures and AC looks so grown with those flips on her feet :) so sweet she sleeps with her baby bear!! BTW I hate that stupid code I have to type in to post my comment I'm on my 10th try and getting ticked.