Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer fun

In the month of July, we made 2 trips to Birmingham to visit with our families.  We also made a trip to New Hampshire as a family for a week.  It was the girls first time to fly.  Abby was pretty nervous about it, but ended up loving it.  Since we have now driven it too, she by far loves flying!!!  Lots of pics to show from all of the different trips...

Kyndal and Maddox

Having some fun making a mess in Marley's room!

Playtime with Cheryl Kaye

Making sweet memories with Ella

Steel City Pops

Had to get this on camera for sure!  Sweet GiGi with Anna Claire

Fun times with Zyla and Eden

These girls love their Grandmother!

They always have to take a ride in Grandmother's car

Trying to get a pic of all of them looking was difficult!  Swimming at Justin and Jessi's

She was feeling a bit under the weather and I thought she might have an ear infection, and it was 2 days before catching a plane to NH, so sweet Dr. R was kind enough to check her out for me.  She didn't have an ear infection though, just a nasty cold!

Abby and Daddy on the plane!  We all wore the same shirts to keep up with each other well, since it was a Friday and crazy crowded at the airport.  We got asked several times if we were on a mission trip!

Kyndal and AC on the plane!  They all 3 did very well!

We went to the beach while in NH, it was really windy and quiet cool.  The water was super cold, but it was very beautiful!

I LOVE this picture!

Silly girls love having a bubble bath at Grandmothers

Playing in Aunt Eron's fridge!

Fun at Ijump

Abby, Marley, and Kyndal riding in the garage!

Sweet baby Maddox

He was not letting go!  (He had a bad rash on his face and back, but it's much better now)

Sweet cousins, Kyndal, Ella, Abby, AC, and Wyatt (I can never get AC and Wyatt to look at the same time)!

Love their Aunt Rikki

We got to see Deric on our second trip to the Ham!  Yeah, we hadn't seen him since Christmas. 

Abby and Maddox

This is how she felt after all the trips!!!

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