Monday, August 27, 2012

School and Library

After we found out we were moving to NH in the summer, I decided that the girls would go to public school because from the research I had done revealed that the education system is better here.  So once we got here, I registered them and as the days went on, I began to feel uneasy about this decision.  Last weekend I told Craig how I was feeling and he has always wanted to homeschool them, so of course he was on board.  There were some concerns with the school they are zoned for and I had some other concerns myself, and really just felt convicted that this is what the Lord wants for our family.  Not to mention moving Very far from family, friends, and everything we are use to, plus putting the girls in public school was probably a bit too much for them.  So I did all the necessary things involved to do homeschool for this year.  We are waiting on the rest of our curriculum to arrive, but we will begin next Tuesday after Labor Day.  Public school here begins tomorrow, so we have one more week of freedom!!!  We are all excited and looking forward to the new year.  Hoping to stay very motivated and encouraged throughout the year.

We go to the Library every Thursday morning and the big girls do some computer time and look for books while AC plays with puzzles and we read a book together.  We will continue doing this through the school year as well.  The public Library here is super nice and has lots for children.

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Michelle Hafner said...

What is required for you to homeschool there? Do you have to join a group or meet with school authorities to show progress? Some states are harder to work with than others. Are you members of Home School Legal Defense? (HSLDA). If not, you might want to look into that. We've always been a member. It is just a safe guard to protect you in case some over zealous case worker or school employee tried to make your life difficult. Check out their web site if you aren't a member.