Friday, August 31, 2012

Fashion Show

The girls are obsessed with having fashion shows.  They pull out every dress they own and make the biggest mess in their rooms, but they have fun.  They use their microphone to announce who is coming down the stairs and what they are wearing.  They try to get AC into it, but she will only put on one dress and then she is done!

She was done with the fashion show, but wanted her picture taken!

Last night after dinner, Craig took the girls to the park, so I could have a little quiet time and so he could spend some fun time with them.  He is such a good hubby and daddy!  He told the girls to go get socks and shoes on.  Kyndal got AC's, and of course she got the pink glittery ones and pink socks that didn't match, but oh well.  Kyndal loves her some pink.

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