Thursday, August 9, 2012

Whew, we made it!

We drove over 1200 miles in over 20 hours to get to our new ministry location.  It was a loooooong drive that I have no desire to make again, but it was good and uneventful.  God is so good!  We had some wonderful folks help us move in and some sweet ladies help get my kitchen in order.  Very thankful.  I ended up getting super sick the night we got here, but I was better the next day.  We are ALL unpacked and everything on the walls and in order.  We all 5 worked as a great team to get that done. 

My view from behind for 3 days!

Snoozing in the car!

We are almost there!

I don't think he could have managed without all that help?!?!

Moving an extremely heavy dresser up a hill and up a flight of steps made me glad I'm not a man!

Getting a few things for the new house!

Abby and Kyndal took turns riding with Craig in the moving truck, but our last about 5 or 6 hours they rode with me.  All 3 girls did very well considering such a long drive.  Again, very thankful!  We drove for a really long time on Friday and only got about 5 hours of sleep that night, but we are getting rested by up now.  It was a good trip, but I will be flying from now on!!!!!!!!!!!


Julie Loftin said...

I am so happy for you guys!! I cant wait to see pics of your new home! So glad you made it safely

Angie Vik said...

What huge changes you've had recently. And you seem so positive about it. Good for you. So glad your trip went well. I'm impressed that you're unpacked with things on the wall. I've still got boxes in the basement from our move three years ago. Hope things are going well for you as you adjust to your new surroundings.