Saturday, November 17, 2012

New hair & Roll Tide

Last Friday, me, Kyndal, and Craig all got haircuts.  My hair was just getting too long and looking and feeling to thin.  Kyndal's was the same.  We have thin, fine hair and it just doesn't do all that great real long.  Abby is letting hers grow.  She has thick hair like Craig.  I'm gonna have to take Anna Claire before long, because she is making knots and pulling half of it out herself.

I didn't get a good one up close of Kyndal's with my camera, just my phone.

Of course we have been pulling for the Bama Boys all the way up here in New England.  People up here don't get into College football much, but we sure enjoy it.  They lost Saturday, but that's okay, because they have had a great season and have played so well.

Love this girl!

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Julie Loftin said...

Love the hair Allison! Looks great on you!