Friday, November 9, 2012

Our first snow...

in New England. 

Talk was, it was going to start snowing around 3 pm.  It finally started snowing at 10 pm Wednesday night.  It didn't snow very much, but we are not used to much anyhow, so it was still fun!  The truck was out plowing our driveway at 5 am, and they cleaned off our front sidewalk.  How cool is that!?!  That's just a perk to living in this town house, if you own your own home, you do your own driveway and walkways!

When the girls got up they wanted to go play right then, before eating breakfast, so they did, on the deck.  After breakfast, their Daddy went with them to the yard to sled!

Kyndal making a snow angel!
Abby thrilled about the snow!!!

Kyndal sledding!

Abby sledding!

Anna Claire hanging out.  She can't walk well in her snow boots, so she just stands around.  She did go down the hill with Craig and seemed to like it, but she didn't want to go again.  I think it was too cold for her, she didn't stay out long.  I wanted to get a pic of Craig going down, but I was freezing standing there taking pics.

After playing for about 30 minutes, they helped Craig shovel around his truck and clean the snow off his truck so he could go to work.  They had a blast and last night before they went to bed, Kyndal said, is it gonna snow again tonight!!??!!

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