Monday, November 19, 2012


I loved having a sister so close to my age.  We were always pretty much best friends.  There were a couple of years where we had some issues in being best friends, but we got through it.  We always played together when we were little.  When we lived near each other, we hung out often and kept each others kiddos.  We actually still talk everyday and I CAN'T wait for her and her kiddos to come visit next month.

I was thrilled when finding out Kyndal was a girl, because I knew she and Abby would be close.  They really get along very well.  Of course they have their moments as all siblings do.  I always wanted to have 3 girls, and I got it!  Anna Claire is a good bit younger than A and K, but she thinks she is as big as they are.  They are very good with her, although Kyndal lives for aggravating AC.

Love these girls to pieces.  VERY thankful for them:)

They had a little slumber party the other night!

Anna Claire loves to be read to

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eronmiller said...

Peas and carrots me and you I sure do love my sissy boo boo. I can't wait to see y'all very soon!!