Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our trip to the Ham

We left Thursday morning to go to Birmingham for the weekend to celebrate Anna Claire's 1st birthday!  We had a busy and fun weekend planned.  Anna Claire was finally back to her normal self after being sick with the stomach bug for 5 days.  Boy, did that timing work out!!  Once we got there, we stopped at the Summit for some lunch at Johnny Rockets, which was not very good, but oh well.  Then we had to take care of some business with our house.  We then unloaded at my moms and hung out for a little bit before going to have some mexican dinner with Eron, Marley, mom, and Steve.  The mexican joints here in Eufaula do not even compare to the ones in B'ham, so we always go for mexican while we are there.  Of course we had to make a trip to Yogurt Mountain, oh my goodness so good.  Craig and the girls wanted doughnuts, so we went to Krispy Kreme too, then back to moms house where Abby, Kyndal, and Marley had a BIG bubble bath!!!

Friday, we had Anna Claire's one year old pictures made and then headed to see some wonderful friends that we haven't spent time with or even seen in tooooo long.  We had a GREAT time.  The girls absolutely had a blast.  Anna Claire became exhausted but we rocked and she took a pretty good nap.  The time went by so quickly there, we could have stayed all day and night.  Emily and Monte are wonderful lifelong friends.  Craig however had to go to a funeral viewing in Tuscaloosa, so we had to go.  Back at moms, she made some spagetti for dinner and I made Anna Claire's birthday cupcakes.  Of course, Eron and I had to go for more yogurt, man they need one of those places here!!!  Abby and Kyndal wanted to spend the night with Marley, and they asked me if they could if Aunt Eron said they could.  I told them I didn't care if their daddy didn't, but they had to ask Aunt Eron too.  Abby said well I know Aunt Eron will say yes, because she ALWAYS does!!!

I will do Anna Claire's Birthday Post on it's own!

Ready to go on Thursday morning (they were so excited)

They want to take a bubble bath everytime we are there!

Friday morning, Anna Claire climbed on their blow up mattress with them!

Playing in Mrs. Emily's kitchen!

Abby, Cheryl Kaye, and Kyndal playing and eating




Of course, they are princesses!

Anna Claire assisting Grandmother in making spagetti!

Marley loves doughnuts

Sisters (I have the best)  (It was hot outside, can you tell)?!?!

Grandmother with 4 of her grand-daughters

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eronmiller said...

What a great post I think my favorite part is (Aunt Eron always says yes) I love it, my girls know they get what they want when aunt Eron is around. All the pictures are so good we had such a great time even though it goes by way to fast I still cherrish every minute I have with yall :)
I'm very blessed to have you as my sister, you are by far the BEST, love yall a ton!!