Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Year Ago

A year ago today I was being admitted into the hospital right now because of the pre-eclampsia.  She wanted me to wait at least till 37 weeks to deliver because that is full term.  I was 36 weeks, so that meant a week of sitting in a room on a bed being monitored.  It could have been lots worse so I'm not complaining but that was a long week, not being with the girls and not getting much sleep.  My family was at the beach so Abby and Kyndal stayed with a church member for the week.  We really appreciated their help so much.  So a year later, everyone is good and Anna Claire will be 1 year old a week from today.  Wow, it goes be soooo fast!

What a difference a year makes, love these girls BIG!!!

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