Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anna Claire's 1st Birthday

Ok, obviously if you read the post before, you know we were in B'ham for Anna Claire's birthday party.  All our family is there and it just makes it easier for everyone!!  So Saturday was her actual birthday and her birthday party.  We had lunch with my family at my moms house before the party and my mom and Steve had a slipping slide there for the kids to play on.  It was really hot, but a small breeze was blowing.  I think the kids had lots of fun.  We did have lots of fun watching them, especially Marley (she was a hoot on that thing)!!!!  The party started at 1:30 and it started to rain (hard), but it was needed so no complaints.  We had the party inside anyways because of the heat.  So we sang Happy Birthday, had cupcakes and ice cream, opened presents and then it stopped raining, so the kids went back outside.  It was a really great time and Anna Claire got lots of nice things and we are very grateful to everyone.  We were so glad everyone made it to the party, it was great to see everybody.  After the party and packing up we had to head back home.  The big girls never look forward to that part, but they did okay. 

Anna Claire is absolutely a wonderful baby.  A year has gone by so quickly.  She is so laid back, just goes with the flow, and really never makes a fuss about anything.  I thought Abby and Kyndal were good and easy babies (Kyndal was a little extra whiny though), but Anna Claire is by far the BEST baby I've ever been around.  We shall see if that continues through the years!?!?!  I am so grateful we had her!

Some may know that when I was 8 weeks pregnant with her, the Dr. told me I miscarried, but I didn't and I just feel like she is such a wonderful little blessing to our family.  She is a true joy, and I'm so glad and thankful to have been chosen to be her mother. 

Singing Happy Birthday!

Not so thrilled about this cake thing!! I knew she wouldn't be!

Aunt Eron made her very cute shirt and had someone make her very cute bubble bottoms

  This was so funny, you can see Eden and Kyndal cracking up at Marley sliding!

There were a couple of kiddos missing from this pic!

Happy Birthday to our precious Anna Claire!!!
We love you a TON!!!

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