Thursday, June 16, 2011

1 year old check-up

Today Anna Claire went for her 1 year old check up.  It went well.  She weighs 19 pounds 9 oz, which is in the 25%, and she is 30.1 in, which is in the 75%.  The Dr. says she needs to eat more!!  I'm not concerned though, she had the stomach bug last week and she eats well.  She also got 4 shots, bless her heart.  It really does break my heart when she is laying there looking up at me like why won't you get me.  She is getting more attached to mommy as she gets older!!!  She does go to others, but likes to be with momma, can't say that it hurts my feelings.

There is a precious lady who is a member of our first church we served as pastor who has always been so kind to our family.  She sent the girls some money, so we took them to Toys R Us Tuesday evening and let them each get a toy, and a water slide, and they also bought another swim suit!!!  We are really blessed and very thankful!

I also found some more birthday pictures on my camera, so I will post a few more of those!

Isn't this outfit soooo cute?!?!

She loves this toy and it's so cute to see her climb in and out of it!

Their daddy blew up the water slide for them and set it up all nicely with the plastic under it so they wouldn't track grass on the slide, b/c they hate for grass to be in the water!!!  It was HOT out there and daddy was sweating  up a storm!!!

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