Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Fun

Saturday morning Craig and Abby and Kyndal went to play some golf while Anna Claire and I cleaned the house!!!!  After golfing and having lunch the girls wanted to play on the slipping slide, so Craig went and cleaned it up and filled it back up for them.  Then he tried sliding down it, I missed that!!!  He did play with them for a while and they loved that.  Of course it took me all day to clean the house with Anna Claire's help!! 

Sunday after church Aunt Rikki came for a visit!  We ate some lunch and Aunt Rikki played with the girls and then off to church again!  We let the girls stay up later than usual since Aunt Rikki was here, so they enjoyed that.

Today after some good breakfast cooked by Daddy (always taste better when I don't have to cook it), and some play time in the house, Craig, Aunt Rikki, and the big girls went swimming.  After Anna Claire got up from her nap we headed to the pool too.  It was super hot outside.  After swimming Aunt Rikki took Abby and Kyndal to Wal-Mart and bought them each a toy.  Thank you Aunt Rikki, you are too sweet.

The girls had a wonderful time with their Aunt Rikki, this was her first visit to Eufaula, and we hope she will come back soon, we really enjoyed her being here.

Headed out for a game of golf!

I wet Anna Claire's head to keep her cool and then made her hair stick up, hehe!!

Abby and Kyndal convinced Aunt Rikki that Anna Claire needed 100 more balls for her ball pit!!!

Abby got an Easy Bake Oven and Kyndal got Zzu Zzu Pets (I probably didn't spell that right)!  Thanks again Aunt Rikki, we love you!

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