Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another Tooth

We have had VBS all week in the morning and in the evening.  Friday night Abby said I'm so glad I can sleep in in the morning, I said yea me too.  So Craig and I stayed up too late talking and at 5:00am Abby comes to the bed to inform me of something:

Abby:  Momma there was something hard in my mouth, can you see if it's a tooth?
Me:  Yea lets go to the bathroom so I can turn on a light.
Abby:  I don't think it's a tooth because I don't taste blood! (barf)

We go to the bathroom and she opens her hand and yep it was a tooth!!!  Then she opened her mouth and yep there was a tooth missing!!!  She then went and woke up her daddy to tell him about it and ask him to hold it!!!  It took me an hour and a half to get back to sleep.  Normally when Abby has a loose tooth she talks about it all the time, but she has not mentioned a word about this tooth, so I guess it was just ready to come out in her sleep!!! 

I never carry cash on me, but last night I went to buy some ice and I had 5 1's.  My ice was $2, and I said to myself well what will I do with these $3.  Now I know, put it under Abby's pillow!  However we do play the tooth fairy game, but as with Santa Clause, it's only a game for us, our kids know their parents are the ones who do it!  All may not agree with our ways, but not necessary, they are our kids!!!!!!!!

This morning Kyndal woke up at 8:15, Abby at 8:45.  Those girls were tired!

This is from a few months ago, but I love this picture of her and you can see teeth missing!  I believe she has lost all of her baby teeth, but I'm no dentist either!

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