Friday, December 9, 2011


Last night after taking a shower, Kyndal ask me if I would braid their hair so that they could sleep on it and it would be curly tomorrow.  I use to do this when I was small too. 

They must have asked me at least 25 times in 30 minutes this morning to take it down.

They loved their curls.  AC couldn't be left out!  When I tell A & K to stand up so I can take a picture, AC always stands up and moves right beside them.  It's too funny!  Love our girls!


Lindy said...

I love Abby's kissy face! Hilarious! Those sure a three beautiful girls! Can't wait to see y'all!! : )

Julie Loftin said...

I used to like to do that when I was little too :). So cute!