Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Happenings

After all our school work was done on Friday, before we went to the party we made some ornaments.  The girls each made an ornament with their hand print and name on one side and a Bible verse on the other.  They turned out really cute.  I remember when I was a kid we made these at school and my mom always kept it and I loved putting it on the tree every year.

We went and looked at a few Christmas lights that night.  Anna Claire really enjoys seeing them, she gets excited and it's so cute.

Saturday we did lots of cleaning, not much fun, but has to be done, and love it when it's over!!!  We didn't do much else that day, besides cook lunch and dinner and watch a little football.  I read another chapter of Kisses from Katie to the girls before they went to bed.  I just love reading that book.  Abby asks lots of questions, I know she doesn't fully grasp all that it means but she tries so hard to understand.  After I read a chapter, Kyndal said can we be done for tonight!!!!  She listens but I have no idea if she gets it, but at least she hears it.

We had our annual Lottie Moon Auction at church last night after a fellowship time.  It's always a really fun time and for a great cause.  The girls got to be involved and help out with it, they always enjoy that too.  AC, well was a cut up as usual.  She is in this phase of really trying me on EVERYTHING.  If I tell her no to something, she will do it and stare at me just to see what I will do.  If I pop her hand, she normally laughs.  O my. I have my work cut out with her.  However, she is absolutely precious even when acting up.

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