Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fun time with Friends

Tuesday we had a play date with Gracie and Hannah at their house.  They live on a farm so they have lots of land and a wrap around porch that the girls enjoyed alot.  They made some crafts, decorated cupcakes, ate some lunch, played in the sand, played on the swing set, and rode on toys until their hearts were content (or they were all banged up)!!!  Poor Kyndal ran into the swing and scrapped one knee up, later she fell and scrapped the other knee up, and before we left she fell on the scooter and the handle got her right in the face.  After that, and AC was starting to get restless, I said lets go.  They had a really good time and AC was out before we got off of their street (or dirt road rather). 

Last night while I was in the shower, Craig came in and said...
Craig:  Something happened to AC
Me: What
Craig: I don't know
I look out of the shower to see a really big knot right on her eye, so I said...
Me:  That's good that their is a knot, and he went out.

When I got out, her knot had gotten bigger, but it was about 6:30, so at least she had a while before bed, and by the time she went to bed it had gone down a little.  Abby said she was playing with the guitar.  She likes to stand on it, so that's probably what she was doing and fell.  It looks much better now.  So AC has a bruise on her eye and Kyndal has one on her cheek.

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