Friday, December 16, 2011


Tuesday night we had another Christmas gathering with our home school group.  The high schoolers had a play and we really enjoyed it.

Enjoying a mini cupcake!
She enjoyed hers too!!!

When we got home, they were just playing for a bit before bed and I saw AC walk down the hall like this...
I thought it was too cute that she had that (Bible bag) hanging on her arm like a purse!

A few things Anna Claire has been doing that I want to remember...
  • When I go into the restroom, of course she comes too and pulls the stool out and then backs up until she feels it and sits down, it's just too cute.
  • Kyndal and I do phonics in the living room so that we don't disturb Abby and AC usually joins us and gets a book and sits down like she is reading too.
  • When we are done saying the blessing and say Amen, AC then lifts both hands in the air and shouts, "Men".
  • They usually all go to bed at the same time, but I lay AC down first and then go and kiss A & K goodnight.  AC stands back up at the end of her bed puckered up for me to kiss her again, then lays back down.
  • The other morning I told A & K to get ready for school to begin while I was talking to Craig and when I went into the classroom, they had AC in her highchair pulled up to their school table and said she is going to do school with us.  She was no longer impressed with the set up once I came in, she wanted out!

We are offically on Christmas break and are so excited.  We have a fun weekend planned and I am looking forward to it!

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