Friday, December 23, 2011

Mary, did you know?

Wednesday night in service, Craig did a sermon on Mary.  The girls were in the service and sat up front by themselves because I had to wait on the nursery worker to get there, so I came in late and sat in the back.  Yesterday morning we were talking about the service and here's the convo....

Craig:  What was the Bible Study on?
Kyndal:  Mary
Craig:  What about Mary?
Abby:  She exercised great Faith in God.
Craig:  Absolutely, you were listening.
Abby:  Does that mean she read her Bible while walking on the treadmill?  (That made me smile)
Craig:  No (and he explained what it meant).

Encouraged that they listen and ask questions when they don't fully understand.  What an awesome example of truly walking with the Lord, Mary and Joseph both gave.

Yesterday while Craig and a friend put the girls "big" gift together and AC took a nap, I took the girls to Subway (their favorite) and to get manicures.  However, we went to both nail salons here in town and they both had over an hour wait, so we went to Wal Mart and they both picked out 2 colors and we came back home and I gave them manicures (hand massage and all)!!!

She was saying "cheese" so I took her picture too!

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Julie Loftin said...

This whole post made me smile (especially the part about Mary exercising on the treadmill). Cute!
Glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas! :)