Thursday, February 2, 2012

AC's first sucker

When we go to the bank, the sweet lady always gives Abby and Kyndal suckers.  Well lately Anna Claire starts grunting for one too.  So yesterday I asked for 3 suckers (thinking in the back of mind how big of a mess this could be).  She was thrilled to have her own.  When we arrived home and I needed to get her out of the car, she had a come apart because I had to hold her sucker for a moment.  Of course she was a sticky mess, but she was loving it so it was worth it.

A couple of the pictures are a bit blurry, but I've been playing with my camera, so it's my fault.

UPDATE on Thumb:  She has been 51 hours without sucking her thumb.  She has kept her band aid on.  The first night I took it off during bath time and wanted to let it air out some, but after about 5 minutes she stuck her thumb in her mouth, so I put a band aid back on.  Last night I took it off during bath time and left it off for about 45 minutes and she never put it in her mouth.  She was wanting me to take it off today, but I didn't.  It is taking her about 45 minutes to an hour to fall asleep at nap time and bed time, but she has done well.  Maybe, just maybe we can break the habit sooner rather than later.  Oh and she does still twist her hair, I've already had to undo 2 knots, but oh well one thing at time!

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