Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine Fun....

We had lunch at church yesterday with the senior adults.  We always enjoy that time with them.  Both girls had co-op and had a Valentine's party, so they were psyched about that.  They ate entirely toooo much junk yesterday.  I ran a few errands and gave the baby a very short nap.  I made dinner at home since we had our Valentine dinner out this past Friday. 

Sweet girls!

We did practical gifts for the girls, so Abby wanted a kids snuggie (it's on AC here), Kyndal wanted a princess thermos, and AC got princess eating utensils!!!

Waiting to get Abby and Kyndal from class!

Abby's goodies

Kyndal's goodies

Okay, I'm also going to attach a link below that you can go to and vote once everyday for Rikki Little(sister-n-law) and Trest Richerson(future brother-in-law) as they are trying to win a free wedding.  It's easy, you just have to register (do the extra points) and vote once everyday and tell all your friends too!!!!  Thanks in advance for helping them out!

I think once I post this, the link may be in a light pink or light purple and hard to see, but it's between the line  here and the paragraph right above, so just look for it and click on it!

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