Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mom talk

As I was talking with another mom the other day, she was asking how I do school with Anna Claire (being that she is a 20 month old).  I told her I do phonics with Kyndal first thing in the living room so AC can play.  However, she plays half of the time and is all over us the other half, but we make it work.  I then said she has to go in the pack and play for about an hour and a half to two hours until lunch time.  After lunch she takes a nap and we finish our school day.  I said I hate to make her stay in that thing for that long, but I don't really have any other choices right now.  The mom said, hey at least she is at home with you instead of in a daycare.  Now, there is nothing wrong with daycares, but I'm sure most all women would rather be home with their babies.  My point is, that comment actually made me feel a little less bad about her being in the pack in play so long.  Small children are like sponges anyways, so who knows what she may be learning playing in the room with us doing school and like she said, she is at her home, with her mom and her sisters. 

I may have to start putting her in it full-time because the kid loves to climb on anything and everything.  She now pulls the kitchen chairs out, climbs up on one, and then up onto the table.  I'm telling you this girl is a mess!

Recently I was in our school room and Kyndal was taking a break and she took AC to play with her in their room while I did some work with Abby.  Well Abby went to the restroom and yelled, Mom you need to come here and it's an emergency.  So when I arrived in the restroom, AC had the toilet wand (Clorox toilet cleaner) in the toilet swishing it around.  Abby said, Kyndal just left her in here.  I got it from her and cleaned up the small mess, but I thought it was quite funny and smart.  While I was cleaning the other day, she was following me around watching and she watched me clean the toilet with that.  See, she is learning, little smart baby!!!!

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