Monday, February 20, 2012

A weekend with Ella

Ella and Aunt Rikki came on Saturday about 3 pm.  The girls were literally standing on the couch looking out the window from 2:15 until they got there and asked 8,723 times when are they gonna get here.  They had a whole lot of fun together and we are so glad she got to come and spend the weekend with us.  They did lots of fun stuff and I will tell/show with pics....

Aunt Rikki crimped their hair for their fashion show!

Read some books!

Harassed Uncle Trest!

Played on the trampoline!

They begged Uncle Trest to come out and play with them!

Wii fun! (Here, I said girls act like your playing, b/c they were in between games!  They did some great acting)

Ipod entertainment!





Acted silly!!!

More jumping!

Anna Claire was absolutely entertained by them all weekend.  Especially at the dinner table, she would just laugh when they would laugh.  It was cute.  They all played so well and had a great time making great memories. 


Lindy said...

Those are such great pictures! They are such beautiful girls! The picture of them pretending to play the wii is so funny. Ella had a great time and loved being with y'all so much. Y'all are a blessing!

Allison said...

Aww Lindy you are sweet. They all four (including AC) had a great time, we are glad she got to come.