Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Guess What?????

I'm getting a Nephew!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went to B'ham this past weekend for Eron and Jason's reveal party.  We had a really great trip and got to visit with all of the family, which was so nice.  It made for a really tiring trip but lots of fun and memories.  We are looking forward to meeting this newest little member of the family in July.

Everyone picked whether they thought it would be a boy or a girl.  It was half and half if you count Anna Claire.  I was soooo sure it was going to be a girl, boy was I wrong!!

There are nine grandchildren on this side of the family and 8 of them are girls.  Justin is the only boy and he is the oldest child.  With baby boy Miller, it will make 10, with the oldest and youngest being boys!

Craig was taking a nap somehow amongst all the noise and Eron went and wiped cake icing on his face.  It was quite funny.  It kind of looks like she was picking his nose in this picture, but she wasn't!


Julie Loftin said...

This was such a cute idea. How exciting!! :)

eronmiller said...

What a fun memorable day and nothing better than sharing it with my sweet family, I'm so glad y'all were able to come!!!! I can't wait to meet my little boy!!!! I laughed so hard at the last pic, that was priceless!!!!!