Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A visit with Greatgran and Pa

Greatgran and Pa came to Eufaula on Saturday right after lunch and hung out at the house until that evening.  Grandmother (that's what I call her), had put together several fun things for the girls to do, so they got busy.  Craig and I had a banquet to attend in the early evening and Greatgran and Pa were watching the girls for us.  We got home about 7:30 and you could tell they (the greatgrands) were exhausted. 

Grandmother was really sick last week and praying she would be well enough to make the trip, and she did.  Her energy level is still down though.  So after spending the day with 3 little girls, her energy was zapped!  They all had a great time though.

Anna Claire has been sick since Thursday.  I'm hoping she is on the mend now.  She seems to be a bit better today, but man she has had two really bad colds in a month. 

Pa preached Sunday and I had to miss it because Anna Claire had a fever, but Craig said it was Wonderful.  Hate I had to miss it.  They came and ate lunch with us and headed back to the Ham.  We had great fun spending time with them and look forward to the next visit.  I was going to take a picture of them with the girls before they left, but AC was taking a nap, and I forgot!!!

When I took these pics, Pa was checking his eyelids in another room so I didn't snap any of him!

We really enjoyed ourselves at the banquet!

Sick little baby playing in the kitchen floor while mommy cooked!

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