Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday fun!

Today was actually a long day of school.  I thought we were going to be making the long trip to Opelika for AC who has a yucky cough, but I decided to wait it out through the weekend.  She got sick on the way home from Dothan last night coughing so much.  Here's to hoping she is much better tomorrow.

After a good day of school, the big girls and I made some pink lemonade cookies.  We had lots of fun in the kitchen and they tasted pretty good too.

I spent the evening with two sweet friends.  We did some shopping for the banquet tomorrow night, had some good dinner, some yogurt, and adult conversation with no interruptions, oh and lots of laughs.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

When I got home, the two big girls were still up and playing.  They said they were staying up till midnight.  I was like, oh what the heck, have at it.  They will be wanting a nap after lunch tomorrow!!!  The kitchen was completely spotless, 3 kids bathed, and 1 in the bed.  Go awesome daddy.  Thanks for the nice night out.

We are going to clean house in the morning and wait for our wonderful company to arrive around noon.

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