Saturday, May 4, 2013

Back to Bama (Part 2)

Rikki Shea and Brad's Wedding Day...       Warning:  Picture overload...

 Getting their hair done

 Doesn't Abby looked like she is having a fun time?  Rikki is a hair stylist, so some of her good friends who were in the wedding also did the girls hair.

Waiting while the girls get their hair done.


Wyatt, Ella, Abby, Kyndal, Anna Claire (sweet cousins)

The wedding was at 6 pm and we had to be at the church at 2 pm for pictures.  They all did so well considering they had to be there for a long time and do lots of posing.

Anna Claire (2, 1 month shy of being 3)

Kyndal (7 1/2)

Abby (9 1/2)

Aunt Rikki with her flower girls (her nieces)

The Wedding Party

The Bride and Groom  (Rikki and Brad)

Their hair was so cute.  The ladies did a great job!

Sweet, pretty girls

Wyatt and AC watching a Mickey Mouse video during a picture break!

So sweet

Chilling during a picture break

Siblings (Matt, Rikki, and Craig)

Kyndal, Mom, AC, and Abby

During the wedding!  Where is Anna Claire????

Sealed with a kiss:)

Mr. and Mrs. Cantrell

Ahhh, there's Anna Claire!  I asked my mom to sit in the back of the church just in case AC didn't want to walk down.  I sat up front in case she came down but wouldn't stand on the stage.  She walked down a few steps and turned around and ran back crying.  Mom got up and got her and in about 5 minutes she fell asleep.  Poor girl, that was a looong day for her.

First dance as husband and wife

Daddy/Daughter dance (sweet)

Enjoying some wedding cake

Yummy stuff

Uncle Matt has some moves!!!

They were cracking me up!!

The girls having a blast with the sparklers.

What a fun day and beautiful wedding!  So glad we were able to be a part of it:)

Congratulations to Aunt Rikki and Uncle Brad, we love ya'll and wish you nothing but the best!!!

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Julie Loftin said...

Beautiful wedding! Looks like you all had a blast!