Friday, May 24, 2013

Worms, Planting, and Cuties

We were getting some good dirt the other day for planting some okra and Kyndal found a worm and picked it up and brought it home with us.  Yes, our kids are scared of all animals, but this kid will carry around a worm in her hand.  Gross!!


A friend at the church does a lot of gardening and I've been talking to him about planting.  He gave us some okra and tomato's to plant, so we are all over it.  I hope it all grows really well.  I'm excited.  This is my first try at planting:)

Hope to grow lots!

Anna Claire is a big ham with the camera.  I mean if I just get it out she is ready to cheese.  Little cutie bug.  Kyndal also loves the camera and to pose for it.  Abby could take it or leave it:)  I took so many pics of her as a baby, she is over it now!

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