Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday Tidbits

I sat on the deck in the beautiful sunshine with the wind blowing for a few hours on Monday.  It was so nice.  I did get a few weird stares though, and I'm sure it didn't have anything to do with the fact that I was looking like a good ole Bama redneck trying to get a tan on my SUPER white legs! Ha

After today, we have 3 days of school left for this year and to say we are super duper excited is an understatement. 

I do already have their curriculum for next year, but I won't think about that until August!

Speaking of August, we will have been living here for a year.  It's gone by pretty quickly.  It's been a great experience thus far.  Hope it only gets better!!!

We don't really have any big plans for the summer.  We will have some park days, some beach days, lots of chilling on the deck days, and who knows what else.  There are several places in Mass. that offer free days on Friday's, so I'm sure we will check that out some too.  Just happy to not do school for a while.

The girls have a sleeplover birthday party next week and they are excited about it.  Anna Claire and I will have to find something to get into while they are gone!

Craig and Abby are going on a hike with the church on Saturday.  Maybe we will clean while they are gone, doesn't that sound like fun?!?!?

We try to have a different couple/family over once a week for dinner and fellowship.  I love entertaining.  I'm not sure how entertaining it is, but I enjoy doing it:)

Our "baby" will be 3 years old in less than 2 weeks.  Kinda crazy.  She still seems like a little baby to me though.  She does still give me a run for my money every most days.  Love her:)

We are having her a small Minnie Mouse party here at home next weekend.  Looking forward to that.

After tomorrow, we are halfway through the C25K training.  Only 4 more weeks and I should will be able to run 3.2 miles without stopping!

Loving the warm, pretty days (if I haven't gotten that point across already).:)

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